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Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays (up to 400nm) has been linked to a series of eye problems such as photokeratitis and macular degeneration (American Optometric Association; November, 1993).

Froggy lenses filter 100% of ultraviolet rays according to ISO 12312-1 2013 amd / 1: 2015

Blue light (380 to 500nm) is the part of visible light closest to UV rays. Blue light is visible light with higher energy (also called HEV - High Energy Visible). Medical and scientific studies suggest that exposure to blue light may adversely affect the health of developing eyes.

Froggy lenses filter between 90% (Pola categoira 3 lenses) and 95% (lenses in category 4) of blue light.

This produces a protective and restful effect for children's eyes

Froggy glasses are made of soft, non-allergenic and non-toxic materials. The inner part of the nose is made "tailored" starting from the conformation of the noses of younger children (from 6 months to 36 months).

The "A ZAMPA" geometric structure of the Froggy eyewear terminals is an innovation designed to improve the hold of the glasses without needing the annoying lanyard.

Rana's ZAMPA terminals gently hug the baby's head without annoying him.


The structure of the hinges and the materials used make the Froggy eyewear foldable and indestructible.

The frame is free of screws and other metal parts.

An innovative high-tech manufacturing process fixes the lenses to the frame: IsoFix System.

Children are free to manipulate and play with Froggy glasses without the risk of breaking it and without the risk of finding themselves with a lens in their hand. The possibility of components being ingested is avoided.

The lenses are made of unbreakable polycarbonate.


FROGGY green POLA cat 3 

FROGGY pink  cat 3

FROGGY green  cat 4

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FROGGY blue  cat 3

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